Changing a bit Harley Quinn

Hello friends, and readers.

As I was studying how I am going to develop Harley Quinn cosplay, I was realizing that to look nice on that outfit I would need to change just one peace. The skirt! And also let you know that I finally chose to go for the nurse outfit, basically because of the boots. I will explain that in another post.

While I’m in the process of loosing some weight and get fit ( I’ll get there, I’m sure.. eventually), I need to make some arrangements to this cosplay to look nicer in my bodyshape.

So, I decided to change the cotton white tennis like skirt from the nurse outfit, and make a fluffy tutu skirt instead. I think is going to look nice on me, and it will help me to hide those little “bumps” I don’t like to show.

I wasn’t too sure if I should leave it white or since I’m making up something new I could change the colors. I did some tests, and I think this two are my favorite designs so far.

Designing a new skirt for Harley Quinn

Designing a new skirt for Harley Quinn

On the left, I added a couple of belts in a crossed position, one of each color. And the tulle is going to be mixed, red and purple all around with a long tail with both colors.

On the right, I’m going for just one big black belt, and divide the color in red and blue opositing the boots.

What do you think ?


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