Album MCM London October 2013

Hello everyone, I just wanted to do a quick entry to tell you all that I had my Harely’s “half” debout in this MCM Winter 2013.

Why half? Because it wasn’t finished, but I had enough to be confortable on it, and it was a complete success! I’m so happy!

A long post explaining how I did the (fraking) boots is being writen, and I will post it as soon I’ll finish it.

For now I add a picture of myself as Harley


And also… A link to an Album I did with all the Great, Awesomeness I’ve witnesed this two days in the MCM London October 2013, in my facebook page.


Home made mannequin made of duc tape

Yay! First of all I need a mannequin! So, as I didn’t found any cheap one on the internet for now, I though I would try to build up one myself. I used:

– duc tape
-an old t-shirt you don’t want anymore
-One person to assist me.

I followed this tutorial I found in YouTube. I’ve watched many of them, and I found this one was the best.
BUT, My first try has not been the succes I was expecting, as you can see by yourselves:


It was too rough and bumpi and also, once I cut it in half it wasn’t feeling rigid at all, and it didn’t kept the shape at all, I also used one of my boyrfiend’s T-Shirt, and it was way too big. But I learned from my mistakes and tonight I’m going to try it again. Things to change for the next time:
-use a t-shirt of your own size, it’s going to be easier to get a clean, flat tape line.
-make sure the tape sticks flat without bumps or wrinkles at all, and don’t do it all in one big peace (like wrapping around like a yo-yo), is better to keep cutting it in small peaces. It’s slower but I’m sure that is going to work much better.

I also did a mistake with the arm, I thightened so much that in the end I couldn’t take it off and it was really annoying while I was all wrapped.

So yes! I’m going to start again tonight, I will show you how it looks the new one. Hopefully I will be able to use the newspaper I already used in this one to stuff it.

My New Cosplay Adventure

Hello everyone!

I decided to start taking Cosplay into my life, and looks like having a blog and share my “improvements” with fellow cosplayers (new and experienced) is a fundamental part of the adventure. So here I am! I will do my best, and I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.