Album MCM London October 2013

Hello everyone, I just wanted to do a quick entry to tell you all that I had my Harely’s “half” debout in this MCM Winter 2013.

Why half? Because it wasn’t finished, but I had enough to be confortable on it, and it was a complete success! I’m so happy!

A long post explaining how I did the (fraking) boots is being writen, and I will post it as soon I’ll finish it.

For now I add a picture of myself as Harley


And also… A link to an Album I did with all the Great, Awesomeness I’ve witnesed this two days in the MCM London October 2013, in my facebook page.


Harley Quinn. How to make the corset

Hi there!

So, this proces was looong, full of mistakes and I learned a lot. Here is how I did it:

– I had no idea were to start, so I bought one big cotton sheet to use it as “white canvas”. I cut a piece and I wrapped my mannequin with it, sticking it to the body with pins, then I drew the lines that would make the panels around the sheet and after that I took some tissue paper and translated those lines into simple shapes.


I knew that I had to do the pannels because I watched several videos in YTube ( this channel is awesome and really useful ) about how to make a corset, which were specific about using many panels of clothes to give strenght to your creation.

I wasn’t sure on how many panels Harely’s corset has, but I based my design in 7 panels per side.

So, I did the panels and the belts that hold it on the shoulders. I cut the shapes on the white cotton sheet and then I sew it together as a mockup, and checked that everything was ok, I even used the belts to make sure the belts were going to be the right lenght.


At that stage I already had my fabrics, so I sew it all together thinking already how to do the boning of the corset. Which I did with spiral iron bones.




There’s several ways to do the boning, and I choose to use the seam allowence as “bag” or “holder” for the bones. I allowed an almost 2 cm biger seam allowence in specific places to use it as bones (4 bones in each half ) and when I sew it I also sew the cages for the bones. Then I added the bones and after everything was secure I added two layers more of fabric to the entire corset, making it a three layered corset.

The other layers where also paneled and sewn like the beauty outside layer (without the big seam allowence of the boning cage due we already have one, no need more ), so all of them where flexible and resistent. This gave a lot of weight to the corset, but it helped a lot to give autenticity and realism. To sew the seems and the three layers of the pannels together was a real nightmare. The machine wouldn’t collaborate so much and I had to repeat the proces twice in one of the sides. But the resalut was awesome.

After that I just had to do the borders, which I did by hand, slowly while I was watching Dexter ( it took me around 5 episodes ). While I was doing that I realized I should have left much more seam allowence than what I did, because at some points I struggled a lot with the bumps and the finish is really not smooth. (In the picture, the top one hasn’t been treated in the borders. You can see that my hand sewing is pretty bad, but still looks much better with it )


Meanwhile I did the belts that go around the body ( the purple ones ) and attached them to the corset using rivets.


Then I build the other belts, the ones that go aournd the arms and I used a little portion of craft foam for the wider part. I wanted it to be rigid and sturd, so what I did, I sew it inbetween to pieces of fabric and I also sew the edges of the res of the belt to the extrems. This way everything is really stuck togehter firmly.


At the end I just had to sew it where they meet the belts and the big ring on the back ( I also put some rivets as decoration and as extra supportive force in the juntcions ).

The way I did the belts was sewing with the sewing machine the borders, folding them to the inner side of the belt, but keeping inside another piece of the strongest fabric ( Yep, I’m really worried that everything brake down ).

Then the hardest part was actually the purple thing between the red sides. I sew it to the inner fabrics of the panels by hand and because of the tension, the pointed corners of the corset were blending out, which gave a non really atractive shape. And what I did was using a bit of that craft foam, I sewn it to the inner sides of the pointy corners.. and it worked! Now it stays straight and looks awesome.

For the strings inside this little purple piece I used red natural silk ribbon I already had. The same I will use for the back laces.

Then I put the body and the arm belts together and voilà! we have the corset 🙂

I had some tension probelms with those belts, and I had to redo the size of them, but now it is solved.


The only thing I have left to do, are the holes on the back and use eyelit pliers to adjust the eyelits ( I just was really unlucky with the pliers I got and they both are useless ), but that’s the last thing I need to finish it up.


-Get a hole maker thingy, to help you do proper holes for the rivets. It honestly saved my life in precission.

– Do the mockup before and think carefully how are you going to develop your tecnique. It’s a slow process with many littel details you have to consider.

-Allow big allowences for the borders, it is always better to cut than to do it again because you don’t have enough.

And I think that’s all!

The next are going to be the boots.. Uuuh! I’m scared. I will let you know how it goes 🙂 And let me know if you have some questions, I know I explain myself a bit chaotic.

Changing a bit Harley Quinn

Hello friends, and readers.

As I was studying how I am going to develop Harley Quinn cosplay, I was realizing that to look nice on that outfit I would need to change just one peace. The skirt! And also let you know that I finally chose to go for the nurse outfit, basically because of the boots. I will explain that in another post.

While I’m in the process of loosing some weight and get fit ( I’ll get there, I’m sure.. eventually), I need to make some arrangements to this cosplay to look nicer in my bodyshape.

So, I decided to change the cotton white tennis like skirt from the nurse outfit, and make a fluffy tutu skirt instead. I think is going to look nice on me, and it will help me to hide those little “bumps” I don’t like to show.

I wasn’t too sure if I should leave it white or since I’m making up something new I could change the colors. I did some tests, and I think this two are my favorite designs so far.

Designing a new skirt for Harley Quinn

Designing a new skirt for Harley Quinn

On the left, I added a couple of belts in a crossed position, one of each color. And the tulle is going to be mixed, red and purple all around with a long tail with both colors.

On the right, I’m going for just one big black belt, and divide the color in red and blue opositing the boots.

What do you think ?

1st project. Harley Quinn


Harely Quinn Nurse design

Yep! I decided to develop this Siren of Gotham for several reasons:

– There’s plenty of information on Internet about her, and many other cosplayers had done her, which also helps me find patterns, tips and ideas easy. I’m noob! I need easy piece stuff. For now.

– She has many official designs, from the comics and video games, which allows me to swing between all of them and luckily add something of my own on her.

– I love her character, I think she’s mental and I love that. Much more fun to play her!

For my design I would like to go for the nurse style seen in Arkham Asylum and in this post itself. But I like much more the colors used in the Arkham City version, which I think are dirtier and give to Harley a much dangerous look than her previous colorful nurse.


Arkham City style

The other version of Harley is the old one, which even is quite lovely and cool, I think it goes a bit away of the dirty and nasty look I want to give to my own version of Harley. Also I think that to look really nice on that kind of catsuit is better to be really fit. But it looks comfortable, though!


Old Harley design

So, once decided the project I can’t get back! Even if I do mistakes I will post everything here, because I think that I’m going to make many of them, I’ve just started and it’s kind of “complicated” for me to learn how to sew, using the sewing machine and learning about fabrics, patrons and stuff.

Wish me luck!