1st project. Harley Quinn


Harely Quinn Nurse design

Yep! I decided to develop this Siren of Gotham for several reasons:

– There’s plenty of information on Internet about her, and many other cosplayers had done her, which also helps me find patterns, tips and ideas easy. I’m noob! I need easy piece stuff. For now.

– She has many official designs, from the comics and video games, which allows me to swing between all of them and luckily add something of my own on her.

– I love her character, I think she’s mental and I love that. Much more fun to play her!

For my design I would like to go for the nurse style seen in Arkham Asylum and in this post itself. But I like much more the colors used in the Arkham City version, which I think are dirtier and give to Harley a much dangerous look than her previous colorful nurse.


Arkham City style

The other version of Harley is the old one, which even is quite lovely and cool, I think it goes a bit away of the dirty and nasty look I want to give to my own version of Harley. Also I think that to look really nice on that kind of catsuit is better to be really fit. But it looks comfortable, though!


Old Harley design

So, once decided the project I can’t get back! Even if I do mistakes I will post everything here, because I think that I’m going to make many of them, I’ve just started and it’s kind of “complicated” for me to learn how to sew, using the sewing machine and learning about fabrics, patrons and stuff.

Wish me luck!