Mannequin second try

Yay! I did it!

I wrapped myself again with duc tape, but this time I followed some basic rules that helped me A LOT to get where I wanted to be.

First of all I gave around 5 layers to it, so it was far more rigid than the last time.
I tried to flat the tape against the body much more, it was slower but worth it.
Also I used a striped t-shirt under my duc tape vest, which helped me very much when I had to stick it together after cutting. This way I didn’t lost my shape.

Sadly I didn’t recorded the process.. But! I do have a little video of myself wrapped and being a dancing monkey (I’m sorry I can’t be serious about almost anything :P) and you can appreciate how rigid it was. And a couple of pictures of the new Mannequin which you can already tell it’s much more accurate and useful!

Some time next week I’m getting my sewing machine! And also next week I will recieve the first item I will start working on for my first Cosplay ever.

I need to redesign it, because I would like to change it a bit. I like cosplayers who look identical to the source, but also it’s kind of difficult for the ones that don’t have perfect figures (Like me).  I will try to fit the new costume to my own body and make it look nice. I also like to design stuff, so I will have fun with that as well, I guess.

But I’m not going to change it too much, I still want it to be recognizable.